Final Project requirements

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Final project

The project is due on Tuesday, June 7. It is worth 35 percent of your grade. You are allowed to work with one partner.

Your project must follow all of the requirements listed in the Requirements section and document your work in your project repo's


Jeff Barrera's BikeCrashMapper

My quickie sample app: Congressmembers and their fancy colleges


This final project requires you to tell a compelling story based on data you've researched, wrangled, and analyzed. You will also be expected to create and deploy your work as a public-facing web appplication.

By now, you've written enough Flask app boilerplate to be able to go through the motions for creating and deploying a web app that reads a data file and outputs a basic list/table of the data.

For this final project, I want you to take the time to come up with a thoughtful story, important enough for you to want to tell, and based off of data that is interesting for you to explore. You don't have much time to overcome technical obstacles. But you do have time to do research on a limited-scope topic and then to think about how you can build a data app that better informs the world.


Create a new Github repo for this final project; name it as you see fit for your project.

Due dates

Following the requirements; Writing

This section explains what your app must have to be considered complete.

And as part of the project, your final project repo must contain a file that contains how you've fulfilled the requirements. For the section that pertains to the Deployment requirements, the text can be as short as:

I decided to use Frozen Flask to deploy my app as static HTML to Github Pages, because it was easy enough to render and cache all of the possible pages and routes.

Concept and documentation


Filtering options

Views and Routes

The URL paths and rendered webpages that your app must contain.